This is my old PhD student web site. I left my PhD program to found Context Relevant, now known a Versive. After Context Relevant, I went on to found (acquired) and LOA Solutions Inc.. I also helped out Tim Novikoff with Fly Labs, which was acquired and integrated into Google Photos.

This web site was created while I was a student in Information Science Ph.D. at Cornell University where I analzyed terabyte scale data sets to enhance web search systems. My training is in machine learning, natural language processing, statistics, human computer interaction, economics, public policy, and political science.

In addition to work on web search, I use the methods developed in my dissertation for investment analysis, arbitrage opportunity discovery, and statistical arbitrage. I also have an avocation for cooking with data.

I enjoyed working with other students on diverse projects with an underlying component that requires machine learning for a subjective or fuzzy problem. Fun student experiments included Seamless Receipts, Twitter Search for Emotional Content and Augmented reality on mobile devices.

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